Category: Cleaning and Tweaking
License: Freeware
Requirements: All Windows OS
Developer: Ashampoo
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Overview of all critical system settings and allows you to disable each one

During House windows setup several configurations are pre-configured and perhaps it remains unclear from what extent Home Windows 10 will distribute utilization data. You don’t want to permit Windows 10 to gain access to your calendar, e-mails, where you are and a great many other options? With Ashampoo AntiSpy for Windows 10, you select! Access all your settings easily.

Ashampoo AntiSpy for Home Windows 10 offers you a synopsis of most critical system options and gives you to disable each one at the click of a button. Two included presets enable you to disable any reporting to Microsoft or rely on tips by Ashampoo security experts.

Glass windows 10 offers many comfort features including the va Cortana that can make everyday activities easier for you. To create this possible, House windows 10 must gather large sums of data. In addition, it analyzes user information to show user-tailored advertising as Microsoft openly acknowledges. So by default, Home windows 10 is defined to acquire more data than many users allows. Even the advised express unit installation later expresses that: Unless you want a specific setting you need to disable it yourself.

More system control:

  • Configure security settings
  • Protect your privacy
  • Disable location services
  • Prevent House Windows 10 from mailing diagnostics and use data