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Requirements: Windows, Linux, Mac
Developer: Google
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Build, test and debug apps for Android

Android SDK is the official software development program for developers who wish to create Android Applications that may take full advantage from complete Android hardware and software ecosystem. With totally included software stack that permits seamless usage of SDK tools, plugins and resources, anyone may easily start producing your first Android applications. The main elements of Android SDK including Tools, Android Program Tools, latest Android system, and latest Android system image for emulator already are contained in the package. However, relating to your own requirements, you can transform system images and create the application for any android os OS version you need.

With Android SDK, developers get immediate usage of all the required tools for planning, building, screening, debugging and profiling software for Android. Offline paperwork is provided, nevertheless, you can also contact large network and Android SDK creators for help, courses and hint that can make assembling your project run more effortlessly. Additionally, additionally you access backup of the Android system source code, which will make your debugging a lot more easier.

Android SDK Features:

SDK Tools
Contains tools for debugging and evaluation, plus other resources that must develop an app. If you have just installed the SDK beginner deal, then you curently have the latest version of the package. Be sure you keep this current.

SDK Platform-tools
Contains platform-dependent tools for growing and debugging the application. These tools support the latest top features of the Android system and are usually updated only once a new system becomes available. These tools are always backward appropriate for older platforms, nevertheless, you must be certain as the latest version of the tools when you use a new SDK system.

An offline duplicate of the latest records for the Android program APIs.

SDK Platform
There’s one SDK Program available for every single version of Android. It offers an google android.jar data file with a completely compliant Android catalogue. To be able to build an Android app, you must identify an SDK system as your build focus on.

System Images
Each program version offers a number of different system images (such for ARM and x86). The Android emulator takes a system image to use. You should test your iphone app on the latest version of Android and using the emulator with the latest system image is an excellent way to take action.

Sources for Android SDK
A backup of the Android system source code that’s ideal for moving through the code while debugging your app.