Category: Messaging and Chat
License: Freeware
Requirements: Windows, Mac
Developer: Confide, Inc.
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Encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-protected messenger

Confide’s encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-protected messenger gives you to talk digitally with the same degree of personal privacy and security as the spoken term. With encrypted messages that self-destruct, Confide offers you the comfort of understanding that your private emails will now truly stay because of this. Communicate digitally with the same degree of level of privacy and security as the spoken term. Discuss sensitive issues, brainstorm ideas or give unfiltered views without concern with the Internet’s everlasting, digital record and without copies left out. Confide uses armed forces quality end-to-end encryption to keep your text messages safe.

Confide uses military-grade end-to-end encryption to keep your announcements safe also to ensure they can only just be read by the supposed recipients. Messages vanish forever once they are read once, making them as private and secure as the spoken phrase. Confide helps to keep your communication safe by safeguarding your communications from screenshot makes an attempt.

Confide is designed for Mac, Personal computer, iPhone, Android os and Apple Watch and gives you to stay linked at your table or on the run. Confide is also translated into 15 dialects and happens to be being found in over 180 countries worldwide.

Confide Features:

Military Quality Cryptography
Confide utilizes fight tested, military class cryptography to keep your emails safe and sound. We incorporate this with a straightforward and intuitive individual experience to provide superior security, without configuration required.

End-to-End Encryption
All announcements between Confide users are end-to-end encrypted. Encryption tips are made locally on each device and the private key never leaves these devices, making certain only the designed recipients can read your emails.

Transport Layer Security
All communication undergoes Transport Part Security (TLS), protecting against any possible man-in-the-middle strike and providing just one more covering of security, personal privacy and data integrity.

Encryption can be an important element of confidentiality but it isn’t the only person. After a note is decrypted it becomes prone. It could be archived, printed out and even forwarded. But Confide announcements self-destruct. Once they are read once, they have died. We erase them from our machines and clean them from these devices. No forwarding, no printing, no keeping … no nothing.

Screenshot Protected
Screenshots have the probable of earning the impermanent everlasting. Confide avoids screenshots on almost all of our systems. Where reduction is not officially possible, our patent-pending reading experience means that only a sliver of the subject matter is unveiled at the same time and that the sender’s name is not apparent. We also kick the receiver from the message and inform the sender a screenshot has been attempted.

Photos, Documents, Voice & Group Messaging
Send text, photographs, documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF) and tone text messages to individuals or categories. Like word, all images, documents and tone of voice announcements are encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-protected. Communicate in whatever format you would like, without leaving of a copy behind.