Category: File Sharing
License: Open Source
Requirements: Windows OS
Developer: ApexDC Team
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Innovative Direct Connect client based on the DC++

ApexDC++ is one of the most popular peer-to-peer file-sharing clients that is based on StrongDC++ code bundle, offering users from all over the world streamlined way and large toolset for management of Direct Connect network process. Created from the bottom up by the top team of experienced developers in the field of P2P client creation, ApexDC++ presents a great data file transfer management software which everyone must try if indeed they want to talk about their data files or see how many other users are moving over simple, reliable and incredibly popular Direct Connect network.

Even though market is home for approximately a dozen of similar open-source and user-friendly alternatives, ApexDC++ were able to recognize itself from your competition by offering very competitive upgrade agenda, great relationships with the city of its users, and regular give attention to making ApexDC++ the best software that it may possibly be. This consists of optimizing all areas of its use, beginning with interface (which takes the essential design of other popular alternatives and contributes its twist on the business and management of exchanges) to the toolset that addresses every possible use circumstance you can think off. Users can quickly search and sign up for servers, see the files proposed by users, take care of downloads and setup their own show sites. Users who used any DC++ customer will have zero problems used to ApexDC++, while complete novices can learn how better to control it in only few minutes.