Category: Firewalls and Security
License: Freeware
Requirements: All Windows OS
Developer: Ashampoo
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Find out whether your PC is vulnerable to Spectre and Meltdown!

With Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker, you can determine at the click of a button whether one’s body is vulnerable. This program runs on the Microsoft-based be sure would usually require complex inputs and configuration work before you’d see results. Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker would it for you and checks both potential attack vectors. If one’s body is affected, this program will offer more info about how to safeguard your personal computer. Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU requires no registration or installation to work.

What is it possible to do if one’s body is affected?
First: keep your cool. Up to now, no Spectre / Meltdown-based attacks have been reported. Be sure to keep one’s body always current. Even though the problems are hardware-related, manufacturers are rolling out software patches to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Our techniques for you
Always install the latest Windows updates. If you disabled auto-updates, re-enable them in the Windows Update settings through the control panel. Important: some anti-virus programs avoid the installing Windows updates. In the event that you experience any issues, you may want to temporarily disable or uninstall the afflicted programs.

Update your browsers
Especially the Spectre vulnerability may be exploited through Internet browsers. Browser updates may prevent this. Users of Chromium-based browsers (like Chrome, Opera or Vivaldi) should permit site isolation according to Google. To get this done, enter “chrome://flags/#enable-site-per-process” into the browser’s address bar and click “Enable”. Then, restart your browser. Mozilla Firefox carries a fix to make using the exploit harder you start with version 57.

Update your BIOS
Some BIOS manufacturers have started providing patches to avoid the attacks. Please go to the website of your BIOS manufacturer for details.

Update your graphics driver
Graphics card manufacturers are presently investigating whether driver updates might prevent potential attacks. Please go to the website of your graphics card manufacturer for details.

Handle (unknown) websites and email attachments carefully
To exploit the vulnerabilities, attackers must help you to execute program code on your pc. One common approach is by using malicious email attachments or compromised websites. Please be extra careful when you open attachments or unknown websites.