Category: Firewalls and Security
License: Freeware
Requirements: All Windows OS
Developer: Evorim
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Start today and benefit from the best free firewall. Protect privacy!

Free firewall is a full-featured professional free firewall that helps to protect against the threats of the web. Control every program on your pc by permit or refuse access to the web. Free Firewall will inform you if applications want to gain access to the web in the backdrop, without your knowledge. In Paranoid setting, no software can gain access to on the web or network, without your previous consent. You might have full control over the movement of data out of your system and into.

Free firewall Features:

Protection against exterior threats
Avoid the attacker to access your personal computer by exploiting security vulnerabilities. Protect yourself from a distant gain access to and control of one’s body and usage of your individual information.

Protection against interior threats
Protect yourself, your personal privacy as well as your personal data, by protecting against the intruded malware from usage of the web. Prevent that infections and worms propagate on the network.

Regulate internet traffic
Individually control the usage of the network and Internet per software. Allow usage of the web only those programs, you unconditionally trust.

Access notification
If the non-regulated program desires to access the web, you will get immediately a notification with which you are able to permit or obstruct the Internet gain access to.

Paranoid mode
Trust nobody! In Paranoid setting, no software can gain access to on the web or network, without your previous consent. Only applications that you trust get Access to the internet.

Credulous mode
Have you been a credulous person? You haven’t any dread about your privateness? In Credulous function, all applications will get access to the web or network until you explicitly prohibit it.

Additional features
Free firewall isn’t only a full-featured firewall, but provides additional features to safeguard your privateness against attackers. Prevent that checking services on sites analyze your browsing practices. The firewall helps prevent calls to information and examination services on Websites, which log an individual behavior in the backdrop.

Touch friendly
The user software is optimized for touch delicate devices. Thus you can operate the program on your desktop computer and laptop with the mouse as well much like the hands on tablets and Ultrabooks.

Prevent telemetry
Stop the download of telemetry data of the individual software supplier and and the Microsoft Server. The firewall blocks all record transmissions of telemetry data of the Windows operating-system on the server in the web.

Detect viruses
Anti-virus software only defends against known risks. New viruses are just used after weeks in to the anti-virus database. For the time being, a computer virus can wreak havoc. With Free Firewall you determine which program copy data in the backdrop and stop them. Which means that your private information doesn’t get into foreign hands.

Block botnets
Botnets contain a great deal of personal computers that are owning a malware in the backdrop and can be remotely exploited for episodes. Free firewall notifies you about data copy in the backdrop, which you are able to quickly block.

Cooperative mode
Unlike a great many other Firewalls, Free Firewall can be handled with any firewall in parallel. Also with Windows Firewall. So like a more impressive range of safety and incorporate different functions with their added value and without extra cost.

The user program has been translated into the language, to get the full safeguard. And that free of charge! Is your words still not under the translated, so help and convert with us!