Category: Imaging and Digital Photo
License: Open Source
Requirements: All Windows OS
Developer: SaeraSoft & Matteo Paonessa
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Compress your images/pictures up to 90% without visible quality loss

Caesium Image Compressor is a free, open source, advanced compression tool for photos and images (JPG, PNG, GIF), supporting batch, preview and so many more. Caesium will save you space and makes uploads faster. Caesium Image Compressor is a multiple award winning software developed for simpleness and effectiveness.

With an increase of than one million worldwide downloads, Caesium Image Compressor is one of the very most popular image optimization software available supporting photographers, bloggers, site owners, businesses or everyday users at storing, mailing and showing digital pictures.

Providing a powerful program with a real-time preview and multiple image control at exactly the same time, everyone can reach the best effect. Advanced users will see extra features, like metadata stocking options or folder framework support.

Caesium Image Compressor Features:

  • Reserve the initial extendable without loosing any visible quality
  • No additional software necessary to start compressed files
  • Process data in batch mode
  • Pick the compression level with a straightforward slider
  • Choose different compression degrees of each image
  • Support for custom suffix
  • Hand and hand (assessment) preview, with unique and compressed pictures
  • View details using the focus function
  • You may custom visualization options
  • Support for common document formats
  • Support for night out/time and metatag