Category: Desktop Enhancements
License: Open Source
Requirements: Windows, Linux, Mac
Developer: mikethedj4
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A lightweight application that helps you record videos using your webcam

CamDesk allows you to take snapshots and record videos with the aid of your webcam device. To be able to fully function, you must have a webcam device and its own driver installed on your pc, along with .Net Framework.

Fast and user-friendly image capturing software with fashionable interface

CamDesk provides you the possibility to fully capture images provided from your webcam, or record a video. You can record videos for a variety of purposes, such as courses, surveillance or desktop monitoring.

The application offers you the possibility to improve its opacity and reduce obscurity, as possible freely moved everywhere on the desktop. Furthermore, you may use the predefined hotkeys to quickly start recording a video or have a snapshot, making the application form flexible and simple to use.

Advanced size and image quality options

CamDesk allows you to resize its main windows indefinitely, limited only by how big is your screen. You may establish a custom height and width for the key window, or transition it to fullscreen setting.

Furthermore, you can transition from standard to high quality quality from within the application, depending on the one that your webcam device supports.

A trusted and modern-looking webcam capturing utility

CamDesk can help you take snapshots or record videos, all with the aid of your webcam device. By using the application, you can catch your preferred occasions or keep an in depth eye on certain specific areas, as you may easily use the utility as a surveillance software solution.