Category: Benchmarking
License: Freeware
Requirements: All Windows OS
Developer: Flexense Ltd
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Disk space utilization analysis, file classification and categorization

DiskBoss is a propelled document and plate administration arrangement enabling one to seek and group records, perform circle space usage investigation, recognize and expel copy records, sort out documents as per client characterized guidelines and strategies, duplicate a lot of records in a blame tolerant manner, synchronize plates and registries, cleanup squandered plate space, and so on.

All record administration tasks are incorporated in a brought together and simple to-utilize GUI application with an inherent document pilot enabling one to execute any required activity in a solitary mouse click. DiskBoss is an extraordinary programming for examination! Oftentimes utilized record administration tasks might be pre-arranged as client characterized directions and executed utilizing the GUI application or direct work area alternate routes.

DiskBoss Features:

  • Plate space usage examination
  • Document grouping and sorting out
  • Copy documents discoverer and more clean
  • Rapid record synchronization
  • Ongoing circle change screen
  • Strategy based document administration
  • Secure record duplicate activities
  • Record erase and information wiping
  • Direction line utility
  • DiskBoss server