Category: Cleaning and Tweaking
License: Freeware
Requirements: All Windows OS
Developer: Auslogics Software
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Lets you take back full control of all browsers installed on your PC

Dispose of unneeded additional items or toolbars and take full control of every one of your browsers with this present program’s anything but difficult to-utilize ‘Headquarters’ interface. Auslogics Browser Care is an extraordinary tool for enhancing your online experience, yet on the off chance that your PC has a larger number of issues than just with internet browsers, you require an all the more intense tool to get your general PC encounter adequate. Download now Auslogics Browser Care, master suggested PC arrangement from Auslogics.

What does Browser Care do?

The problem: You are worn out on battling toolbars or additional items that appear to spring up in your internet browsers all of a sudden; your landing page may have been seized or you simply need a simple method to deal with your genuine modules or tidy up perusing information.

The solution: Auslogics Browser Care naturally recognizes mainstream browsers introduced on your PC and gives a simple method to deal with every one of them, expelling or handicapping additional items or toolbars, clearing reserve, setting landing page and web search tool of decision – all from one advantageous interface.