Category: File Transfer and Networking
License: Open Source
Requirements: All Windows OS
Developer: Jozef Starosczyk
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Allowing you to take full control over the file copy and move operations

Copy Handler software is a little tool intended for copy/move records and organizers between various capacity medias (hard plates, floppy circles, neighborhood systems, CD-ROMs and numerous other). A portion of the upsides of this software: copying information at rates up to 6-7 times quicker than standard MS Windows copying (when copying information starting with one segment then onto the next on the equivalent physical hard plate); permit full-authority over the copying/moving procedure by interruption, continue, restart and drop includes; different dialects support and more may show up, and since the interpretation procedure is very simple. Copy Handler is quick and simple software for copy/move documents and organizers between various capacity media!

Copy Handler Features:

  • Full power over the copy and move activities through delay, continue, restart and drop functionalities,
  • Quicker than incorporated Windows copying (noticeable particularly in more seasoned adaptations like Windows XP),
  • Does not contaminate Windows record store with documents being utilized one time as it were,
  • Completely configurable – more than 60 design choices – from setting dialect through auto-continue on mistake, closing Down framework in the wake of copying completed to exceptionally nitty gritty and specialized (redoing copy/move string – cradle sizes, Thread need, …) finishing with sounds on particular occasions,
  • Multi-dialect bolster – full help for English and Polish, halfway help for more dialects affability of our clients,
  • Definite measurements about copy/move activity (current document, support sizes, need, advance by size, check and Overall, status, current and normal speed, time passed, evaluated, left, and some more),
  • Programmed resume of every single incomplete task after framework restart,
  • Line bolster – runs at least one tasks all the while in particular request,
  • Joining with Windows Explorer – adds extra directions to setting menus of organizers and drag&drop menus.