Category: Imaging and Digital Photo
License: Open Source
Requirements: Windows, Linux, Mac
Developer: Blender Foundation
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Create 3D animations, graphics, and even games with intuitive controls

Blender is a free and open source 3D movement suite software. It underpins the total of the 3D pipeline—displaying, fixing, liveliness, reenactment, rendering, compositing and movement following, even video altering and diversion creation.

Propelled clients utilize Blender’s API for Python scripting to redo the application and compose specific tools; frequently these are incorporated into Blender’s future discharges. Blender is appropriate to people and little studios who profit by its bound together pipeline and responsive improvement process.

Blender is cross-stage and runs similarly well on Linux, Windows and Macintosh PCs. Its interface utilizes OpenGL to give a reliable ordeal. Blender has no sticker price, however you can contribute, partake, and help to propel a ground-breaking communitarian tool: Blender is your very own 3D software.

Blender Main Features:

Photorealistic Rendering

Blender presently includes a ground-breaking new unprejudiced rendering motor considered Cycles that offers dazzling ultra-sensible rendering.

Quick Modeling

Blender’s thorough cluster of displaying tools make making, changing and altering your models a breeze.

Reasonable Materials

With Blender’s new rendering motor the conceivable outcomes for materials are inestimable.

Quick Rigging

Changing a model into a poseable character has never been less demanding!

Movement toolset

Regardless of whether it’s basic keyframing or complex walk-cycles, Blender enables craftsmen to transform their still characters into great movements.


Experience the delight of chiseling natural subjects utilizing the inherent chiseling highlight set of Blender.

Quick UV Unwrapping

Effectively unwrap your work ideal inside Blender, and utilize picture surfaces or paint your very own specifically onto the model.

Full Compositor

Blender accompanies a completely fledged typesetter assembled right in. That implies no all the more sending out to outsider projects, you can do everything without leaving the program.

Astonishing Simulations

Regardless of whether you require a disintegrating building, rain, fire, smoke, liquid, fabric or full on demolition, Blender conveys incredible looking outcomes.

Diversion Creation

Incorporated into Blender is a total diversion motor, enabling you to make a completely highlighted 3d amusement ideal inside Blender.

Camera and Object following

Blender presently incorporates creation prepared camera and protest following. Enabling you to import crude film, track the recording, veil zones and see the camera developments live in your 3d scene. Disposing of the need to switch between projects.

Library of Extensions

With a huge network of fans and engineers, Blender comes stacked with a huge range of expansions that you can turn on or off effortlessly.

Adaptable Interface

Amateur and propelled clients will love the capacity to modify their design totally. From essentially part their viewport, to completely altering it with python scripting, blender works for you.

Document Formats

Blender comes stuffed with import/send out help for a wide range of projects. Picture: JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TARGA, OpenEXR, DPX, Cineon, Radiance HDR, SGI Iris, TIFF. Video: AVI, MPEG and Quicktime (on OSX). 3D: 3D Studio (3DS), COLLADA (DAE), Filmbox (FBX), Autodesk (DXF), Wavefront (OBJ), DirectX (x), Lightwave (LWO), Motion Capture (BVH), SVG, Stanford PLY, STL, VRML, VRML97, X3D.